How to unbrick Kindle Fire HD

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In this tutorial you will find the required procedure when trying to unbrick Kindle Fire HD. Follow the given procedure on how to unbrick Kindle Fire HD.

Unbricking is a procedure of loading a firmware in your device when the memory is empty. There is no general procedure to do it, as it is different for each device. There are some user- created programs that can be used on partially or fully bricked devices in order to make them functional again.

Mostly the problem occurs after flashing of bootload.bin or TWRP file. So, if your Kindle Fire HD did not flash the bootload.bin or TWRP file & the Kindle Fire HD was bricked then here I am going to tell you, how you can fix Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 is a very strong tablet in its price range proclaimed by Amazon Corporation. This gadget comes with a 1.2 GHz Dual-core Cortex-A9 processor with 1GB RAM. This gizmo is available with 16GB & 32GB storage versions. This tablet, savoured with Android 4.0 ICS, has got a fast running processor with a very sleek and gorgeous design and not to forget exhilarating features and its electrifying display screen.


In this article we’ll use KFHD_SRT tool to unbrick Kindle Fire HD. The KFHD_SRT is flash system image tool which is based on the fastboot tool. & if the Kindle Fire HD is not bricked then you must backup your system partition before attempting anything. & if don’t want to use KFHD_SRT, just run the fastboot & install back the system partition your backed up earlier to fix bricked unit.


Perform the steps as given in this tutorial only on your own risk, we’ll not be responsible if something damages your device in between the procedure.

The following steps must be followed to unbrick Kindle Fire HD 7:

how to unbrick Kindle Fire HD

Step 1:

Download KFHD_SRT_v1.2.3.

Step 2:

Download the Kindle Fire HD 7 drivers.

Step 3:

Install the drivers you’ve downloaded.

Step 4:

Switch off your Kindle Fire HD 7.

Step 5:

Now plug in the factory cable, you have purchased, to your PC.

Step 6:

Now run the KFHD_SRT tool & press one to flash system image.

Step 7:

Now disconnect your Kindle Fire HD 7 from your PC.

Step 8:

Now at last reboot your Kindle Fire HD 7.

So just follow these steps & your Kindle Fire HD 7 will be unbricked.

If you have Kindle Fire HD 8.9, then what you have to do is download KFHD_SRT_v.1.3.5 & follow all of the steps as mentioned above.

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